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Passenger Bookings Software

In today’s fast-paced world, managing bookings and ticketing for passenger services can be a complex task. That’s where we, at Trublo, come in. Our comprehensive, user-friendly Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is designed to simplify and streamline all your booking and ticketing needs.


Unified Booking Platform

Our sophisticated system seamlessly integrates web and consultant bookings, offering a singular, efficient solution for all.


Diverse Routes

Effortlessly Set Up Diverse Routes: Our feature allows you to create routes with multiple stops and schedules, including up to two step-overs for optimal flexibility.


Multiple Branches

Our platform empowers you to efficiently oversee and coordinate activities across various locations, ensuring unified operations and streamlined management, no matter the scale of your network.


Enhanced User Roles and Access Control

Our platform enables you to assign specific user roles and access rights for each branch. Manage permissions seamlessly, from branch managers to frontline staff, and maintain optimal security and efficiency in operations across all your locations.


Location-Specific Pricing Strategy

Tailor your ticket prices for journeys between distinct locations, such as from Location A to Location B, ensuring each route is priced optimally according to its unique demand and operational costs.


Demographic-Based Discounts

Our platform offers a sophisticated discount management feature that allows you to set up tailored discounts for different demographics such as pensioners, students, and children.


Dynamic Promotional Discounts

Our platform enables you to create time-sensitive percentage discounts, specifically tailored for different demographics such as students, pensioners, children, or standard fare passengers.


Flexible Refund Policy with Fee Options

Our platform offers a comprehensive refund feature that allows you to set up a refund policy, including the option to charge a fee for ticket refunds.


Comprehensive Reporting

Our platform is equipped to provide detailed financial and operational reports for each individual branch, enabling you to monitor and analyze the health of different segments of your business.


POS with Cash-Up and Reconciliation

Designed to streamline daily operations, our POS allows consultants to perform efficient cash-ups while enabling managers to reconcile and balance these transactions with ease.


Streamlined Invoicing for Every Booking

With every booking, an invoice is automatically generated, ensuring a seamless and efficient billing process. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to create custom invoices, catering to specific requirements or unique billing scenarios.


Quotation and Automated Invoice Generation

Our platform not only streamlines the creation of detailed quotes but also intelligently generates invoices upon the approval of a quotation.

Passenger List

Convenient Passenger List Management

Designed for ease of access and clarity, our platform enables drivers to view or print passenger lists, ensuring smooth and informed operations for each trip.

Driver Management

Advanced Driver Management and Assignment System

This feature allows for efficient assignment of drivers to specific routes each day and enables drivers to submit costs against allocated floats, ensuring smooth and accountable operations.

Fleet Management

Dynamic Fleet Management and Assignment

Our platform is expertly designed to assign vehicles and trailers to specific routes on a daily basis, ensuring optimal utilization of your fleet and seamless operational flow.

And More

Discover the Full Spectrum of Our Features

Beyond the features highlighted, there's much more functionalities waiting for you to explore.

Our Pricing

At Trublo, we believe in straightforward and fair pricing. That's why we've adopted a simple pricing structure:

Price Per Ticket


  • Payment Gateway Fees Not Included: Please note that the transaction fee charged by your chosen payment gateway is separate and not included in our pricing.

  • No Hidden Fees: Pay only for what you use with our per-ticket pricing model.

  • Scalable for Your Needs: Whether you're selling hundreds or thousands of tickets, our pricing scales with your sales.

  • Effortless Calculation: Easily calculate your costs based on ticket sales - no complex formulas or surprises.

  • Minimum Bundle Requirement: Our pricing structure is based on a minimum purchase of 100-ticket bundles. This ensures that we can offer you the best value while catering to your booking and ticketing needs.

Experience the simplicity and predictability of our pricing, designed to support your growth and success.

High Availability

Unmatched Reliability with 99.999% Uptime

At the heart of our service lies our commitment to unwavering availability. Our platform boasts a remarkable 99.999% uptime, ensuring that your booking and ticketing operations are always running smoothly. With this level of reliability, you can trust that our system will be there for you and your customers, around the clock, underpinning your business with consistent, dependable performance.

Highly Secure

Robust Security with AWS

Our platform prioritizes the utmost security for your data. Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), we ensure that your database is secure at rest, safeguarding sensitive information with advanced encryption and security protocols. Moreover, with AWS Shield Standard, our service is fortified against the most common network and transport layer DDoS attacks, providing an additional layer of protection. This comprehensive security approach ensures that your website and data remain secure and resilient, giving you peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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